Zimbabwean National’ Exemption

Implementation of the decision to extend Zimbabwean National’ Exemption granted in terms of Section 31(20)(b), read with section 31(2)(d) of the immigration Act 13 0f 2002.

The Department of Home affairs, on 7 January 2022, granted extension to Zimbabwean Nationals to apply for visas. The decision is implemented as follows, during the 21 month’s period, ending 31 December 2022.

  1. No holder of the exemption may be arrested, ordered to depart or be detained for purposes of deportation or deported for not having any valid exemption certificate in their passport.
  2. The holder of the exemption may be allowed into or depart from the Republic of South Africa.
  3. No holder of exemption should be required to produce-
      1. A valid exemption certificates
      2. An authorized letter to remain in the Republic when making an application for any category of the visas, including temporary residence visa.


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