Our Services

Experience in various industries such as construction, road freight, motor, mining, retail, entertainment and agriculture and are involved in collective bargaining with some of the more prominent unions in the country.

Advisory Service

Twenty-four-hour advisory service, including correspondence with third parties.

Employer Representation

CCMA and Bargaining Council representation at conciliation and arbitration.

Executing Decisions

Executing decisions, taking into consideration processes and procedures.

We Undertake To:

  • Provide a twenty-four-hour advisory service, including correspondence with third parties.
  • Render all on and off-site consulting and assistance.
  • Drafting of employment and employment-related contracts and agreements.
  • Drafting disciplinary codes and grievance procedures.
  • Collective bargaining, including representation at Bargaining Council level.
  • CCMA and Bargaining Council representation at conciliation and arbitration assistance on shop-floor level with wage negotiations, safety and employment equity.
  • Assistance with rationalization and transformation processes.
  • Assistance with the development and implementation of affirmative action strategies and plans.
  • Executing the decisions of management, taken into consideration processes and procedures from Industrial Relations. We provide the best advice for the client, in the specific circumstances.
  • Deal with all matters telephonically, faxed, e-mail, Whatsapp and/or cell phone.
  • Assist promptly in all events.
  • Dispatch the relevant consultant, to deal with all IR situations or problems, as and when required.
  • Conduct counseling sessions with employees.
  • Conduct meeting with staff on behalf of the company.
  • Chair disciplinary Hearings.
  • Conduct Appeal hearings.
  • Grievance procedures.
  • Regular workshops to empower employers to exercise and maintain sound people practices and relationships.
  • To secure affordable consultation and representation.
  • To have access at all times to a professional and competent labour advisory service.
  • To minimize labour –related problems and thus maximize time available to focus on business-related issues.
  • To be able to act proactively and thus lessen the chances of paying unnecessary costs at CCMA and Bargaining council level.
  • To have access to affordable training and workshops.
  • To have access to affordable insurance against Arbitration or Labour Court awards.

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