In the News June 2023

Zero Tolerance on alcohol and drugs in the worplace.

In the realm of workplace policies, the issue of zero tolerance for alcohol stands as a contentious topic with far-reaching implications. In this labour court outcome, we delve into a captivating labour court case that revolves around the implementation of such a policy. This case highlights the clash of interests, rights, and responsibilities that arise when employers enforce strict alcohol restrictions in the workplace.

Click here to download full labour court outcome.

MEIBC Wages & Extension.

A three-year Settlement Agreement for the period of 01 July 2021 to 30 June 2024 was signed by Employer Associations, The wage tables outlines the new entry level wage rates and guaranteed personal increases for the respective increases.

Click here to download  Final-Draft-Industry-Circular-No-2021-03.

Click here to download the Gazette 47254.Signed pg for extension of Main Agreement.

Parental Adoption and Commissioning Leave in South Africa: Paving the Way for Inclusive Parental Rights.

In recent years, South Africa has taken significant strides towards promoting inclusivity and equality in various spheres of society. One area that has received increased attention is parental rights, particularly in cases of adoption and surrogacy. Recognizing the importance of bonding and caregiving for all parents, the country has introduced progressive policies to provide support and leave entitlements for those involved in the adoption and commissioning of children.

The labour department requires that the legislation form part of your employment contract.

We drafted an addendum that can be added as an addition to your current employment contract.

Click here to download the addendum.

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